Cockroach Pest Control Services In Dubai For Just 145 AED

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Yes, you heard it right Cockroach pest control services in Dubai for just 145 AED. As we know cockroaches are the common pests found in our houses.

What Are Pests

Pest is any insect or organism that is harmful to plants, food, and human interests. They are noxious, and destructive and cause nuisance to humans. Ex. Rats, cockroaches, grasshoppers, bed bugs, termites, etc. Cockroaches love four things: Moisture, food, water, and warm dark shelter

They are constantly searching for dirty, crumb-filled environments. The first step to keeping cockroaches out is to eliminate any possible food sources. They prefer cluttered areas, so your pantry would be a great place to start. Empty your shelves and cabinets and thoroughly clean them out. Do not leave any crumbs or spills behind. They can and will find them. You should also move your kitchen appliances and clean underneath them.

Cockroaches are pests that live around the year but mostly they are active during monsoon season, there are monsoons, heavy rains bring moisture, and cockroaches are forced to seek shelter inside our homes.

During the monsoons, there are higher chance of water accumulating in and around homes like water basin pipes, bathroom areas, kitchen basins clogged drains, etc cockroaches get naturally drawn to such moisture-rich areas.

Cockroaches Spread Diseases

Cockroaches are known to be a medium of disease-spreading organisms. Cockroaches are associated with dirt and poor hygiene. They are known to carry several pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites on their bodies. They are known to transmit these microorganisms and contaminate the food and surfaces they come in contact with, causing several illnesses or diseases. Cockroaches are very harmful and dangerous as they spread very deadly diseases can cause allergic reactions and can trigger an asthma attack.


Mostly cockroaches spread bacterial diseases they can cause allergic reactions in humans and can trigger asthma attacks. When there is a cockroach infestation, tiny particles from cockroach bodies may spread in the air, when these proteins are inhaled by the people around they may trigger an asthma attack in sensitive people

E.coli infections

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a commonly found bacterium in the gut of humans it can cause serious food poisoning and lead to water diarrhea and abdominal cramping.


Dysentery is an infection of the stomach and intestines that causes diarrhea containing blood. Symptoms of dysentery are stomach cramps, vomiting, etc Dysentery is usually caused by eating or drinking contaminated food and water.


Cholera is caused by a type of bacterium which is a very deadly infection. Humans can infected by the drinking and eating of contaminated food and water.  When Cockroaches feed on food contaminated with the bacterium, they can spread the infection through their faces and vomit.

Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is caused by bacteria it is a bacterial disease. Cockroaches spread this infection by feeding on faeces contaminated with the bacterium.

It can be a very severe infection if proper treatment is not available.

Why Pest Control Services?

As we know insects are very destructive and cause nuisances to humans, a wide range of pests that can threaten your and your family member’s health. Cockroaches are the common enemies of our households these pests can be active all year long, although they can be controlled by DIY pest control method which is available in your local shop but it is less effective and cannot be controlled permanently. So it is a must to hire pest control services to permanently control cockroaches, you learn about the best solution method to control cockroach pests and in the same post, you’ll learn about the best pest control services in Dubai at a very cheap cost and very effective pest control services in Dubai.

Best Cockroach Pest Control Services In Dubai

Your search for the best pest control service for cockroaches in Dubai will end at SEASONS CLEANING SERVICES, a trusted name in digital hygiene. Book cockroach control services in Dubai from Seasons Cleaning if you want the best effective solution with safety measures. Seasons cleaning services provide you with better 100% effectiveness and 100% control solutions at very affordable prices.

Why Choose Seasons Cleaning For Cockroach Pest Control

Seasons Cleaning Services provides the best effective pest control in Dubai for just 145 AED. They do not only claim like other companies they do what they have said. Always consider some factors before booking any pest control services. Seasons Cleaning Services is the best pest control service at very cheap cost in DubaiThere are some factors that make Seasons Cleaning Services at the top.

Licensing  – They have a proper valid license to carry out all these procedures.

Hi-tech Equipments – They use the latest technology with hi-tech equipment.

Transparency – From booking to till last procedure each and everything will be transparent with the customers.

Skilled experts – Seasons Cleaning Services provides skillful and expert people who are experienced and well-mannered.

24/7 customer support – Customer support is always available for the customers to communicate regarding services.

Pest control in 3 steps

Our team works in 3 steps to control cockroach pests in the house.


 we inspect the overall house on the first visit and check properly the area of possibilities of pests. This is done by our professionals.


After complete inspection and proper satisfaction, our team came with the proper equipment and the best pest control chemicals and did the pesticide procedure to sanitize the overall house with Hitech technology. Overall sanitization is done under the guidance of our experts.


After sanitization team will revisit the house for a recheck and reconfirmation of cockroach availability. This is done after some days of sanitization. All 3 steps are complementary to booking